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Carl Mertens

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  1. Balance bowl M

    Balance sensitive cup

    Sensitiv bowl balance M, modern, practical, design.
  2. cutlery rest

    Bea cutlery rest, 2 pcs.

    Bea cutlery rest, 2 pcs, modern, practical, design.
  3. Maiskolfhouders

    Corn cob holders 4pcs

    Corn cob holders 4pcs, modern, practical, design.
  4. Candlestick Delft

    Delft candlestick H21cm

    Delft candlestick, modern, practical, design.
  5. BBQ set Mano

    Mano BBQ set

    Mano BBQ set, modern, practical, design
  6. Myria Expandable Trivet

    Myria Expandable Trivet

    Myria Expandable Trivet, modern, elegant, design.
  7. Napkin rings

    Napkin ring with re-writable surface, 2 pcs.

    Napkin ring with re-writable surface, 2 pcs, modern, elegant, design.
  8. Cutlery set Neocountry

    Neocountry Flatware 24 pcs

    Flatware 24pcs. f. 6 pers.block with handle 18/10 satin, modern, elegant, design.
  9. Bestek Neocountry

    Neocountry Flatware 6 persons Carl Mertens

    30 pieces Table flatware Neocountry, chic, elegant, modern, design.
  10. Bottle basket

    Neocountry Utensils basket

    Collection Neocountry Sauce and utensils basket , anti-slip-mat, modern, elegant, design.

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